Golden Steps to a Successful Franchise

Franchise due diligence

Franchising has become a popular way to get into business, but you must do your homework. There are many different types of franchises – large ones like McDonalds and small ones like carpet cleaning. The truth is that they all require due diligence before you commit your time and money. […] Read more »

Heaven Can Wait… Your Business Can’t

Your business can't wait

  The title simply speaks for itself. Heaven can wait for you to get there. However, in your business you have to be looking to find ways to save time so you can get things done. New start-up businesses are typically a one person operation, especially in the beginning, and […] Read more »

When Even your Dog Growls at You!

Time to hire an employee

  Just a few weeks ago I noticed that the light fixture in my kitchen was cracked (have no idea how that happened) and I needed to replace it. So my wife and I decided that it was probably about time that we looked at replacing some of the other […] Read more »

$825 Billion in Unpaid Invoices? WOW!

unpaid invoices

We all know that selling a product or service is one thing. However, one of the keys to self-employed success is actually getting paid. The key to the ‘getting paid’ process is something that every self-employed small business person needs to know and put into place before you sell anything. […] Read more »

Are You a Dinosaur When It Comes to Sales?

dinosaur sales

  Chances are that when it comes to selling the products or services in your business, you are using pre-historic sales practices. The facts are that even in the modern day, many companies, large or small, and that also includes the self-employed, are approaching the selling process without understanding that […] Read more »