Brexit and Micro Businesses… Survival of the Fittest

Brexit and micro-business

  The question asked here is “Will Micro Business Thrive After Brexit?” When you take the emotion out of the equation, the answer to the question may surprise you. A recent poll titled ‘The State of Small Business Britain Report 2018’ was carried out by The Enterprise Business Center and […] Read more »

How To Be an Effective Small Business Leader

  When you run your own business you are a leader whether you like it or not. Here are the 10 key characteristics to be an effective small business leader in today’s world. The Merriam Webster dictionary ( defines Leadership as follows: the office or position of a leader the […] Read more »

Who is Killing Small Business in America?

Whi is killing small business

  Here are a few comments made about the ‘Standing Strong for Small Business’ video linked above… ‘Great Job!!! What a strong message’ Hashim Zaibak ‘Thank You!! This is a national crisis that will affect everyone!!’ Cindy Goode ‘I am an independent pharmacy owner in NY, and I had chills watching this […] Read more »

11 Crucial Factors for Small Business Success

critical success factors

  A number of factors contribute to the failure or success of a small business. But how can a small business owner identify which ones are crucial? Some people have great products and inventions but lack the necessary skills and ambition required to do well in business. It is not […] Read more »

Introducing the Self-Employed Business Academy

introduction to self-employed business academy

  The Self-Employed Business Academy is a ‘one stop shop’ for people who own their own business to access: resources that might otherwise be unavailable to you (at least without substantial cost), training to help you understand the things you need to know to run their business, and a forum where […] Read more »