If You Are Self Employed AND Want a Better Business…
… This Is For YOU!


Owning your own business can be challenging. You have to be on top of so many things. And who can you talk to? Not your employees, that’s for sure! And even your family don’t understand, or worse, are jealous.

That’s why we’re here. As a member of the Self Employed Small Business Owners’ Academy, you receive turnkey training, effective resources, and a community to talk to who actually understand.

*Information when you need it… 100% flexible… fit around your own schedule. Use it yourself or train your team.


Simple Step-by-Step Training

There is a lot more to a successful small business than knowing how to do the work. The Academy has simple, practical training courses to help you and your team members in all those other important areas you must have an awareness of. A fantastic way to get the information you need with new courses added every month.

Done-For-You Resources

There is no need to reinvent the wheel. When you need a system, or a framework or some other resource, check the Academy first. We have a bunch of free resources to assist you with your small business systems, and when we don’t have it, we can often refer you to one of our wide range of contacts.

Like-Minded Community

It can be lonely at the top as people who don’t own their own business often have no concept of what you are going through. Having a community of other self employed small business owners and expert advisers to ask questions of, exchange ideas with and generally support each other is a major key to your success.