Looking after yourself and providing great leadership as a self-emplyed small business owner

Heaven Can Wait… Your Business Can’t

Your business can't wait

  The title simply speaks for itself. Heaven can wait for you to get there. However, in your business you have to be looking to find ways to save time so you can get things done. New start-up businesses are typically a one person operation, especially in the beginning, and […] Read more »

When Even your Dog Growls at You!

Time to hire an employee

  Just a few weeks ago I noticed that the light fixture in my kitchen was cracked (have no idea how that happened) and I needed to replace it. So my wife and I decided that it was probably about time that we looked at replacing some of the other […] Read more »

How To Be an Effective Small Business Leader

  When you run your own business you are a leader whether you like it or not. Here are the 10 key characteristics to be an effective small business leader in today’s world. The Merriam Webster dictionary (www.merriam-webster.com) defines Leadership as follows: the office or position of a leader the […] Read more »

11 Crucial Factors for Small Business Success

critical success factors

  A number of factors contribute to the failure or success of a small business. But how can a small business owner identify which ones are crucial? Some people have great products and inventions but lack the necessary skills and ambition required to do well in business. It is not […] Read more »